Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Orange Conference and My Sister

At BigStuf 07, Matt wanted to win a free registration to the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA. So, he painted himself orange. However, he didn't win. But, the kids secretly raised the money for him to go. I drove him to the airport on Sunday at 3:30 AM. He returns Thursday morning.

I didn't want to be by myself (read what happened last time Matt was gone) so I asked my sister to come hang out with me for the week. As soon as the rummage sale was over on Saturday, I got on the metra train and met her downtown. Her Amtrak train was an hour late, and we had 8 minutes to run 2 blocks to get to our metra to ride back. We made it with a minute to spare!

Its been fun hanging out with my sister like this. We've never really done that before and its been awesome to have that time. I'll update later this week on what she and I have been up to!

But I do have to say that she has been awesome! I came home from work yesterday and she had deep cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, mopped everything and vacuumed! What a gift!

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