Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BigStuf 2007!

Well, we are back from BigStuf07 and it was a really good experience...now that I look back on it. During the week, it was very frustrating and humbling!

It took us 22 hours straight through on a bus to get to Panama City Beach, FL. We thought it would take us a little bit longer, so we ended up getting there really early and had to kill time in some surf shops. The kids were really restless and in bad moods so it made for a great start to the week! The resort was right on the oceanfront, and my room faced the beach. That was awesome!
The entire theme of the week was "Rhythm". They talked about how we were created to be in Rhythm with God and that we should also have rhythm with others, the world, our faith and the journey. It was a really great concept!

One of the funniest quotes from the week, "Can you stub your toe in heaven? I don't know, but it won't hurt!"

I am sort of at a loss for what else to say, so I am sure that more stories will trickle out...enjoy the pictures!


  1. So glad to hear your back safe and sound! Looks like a great week!
    I do LOVE that picture of you and matt on the beach, so SWEET!

  2. Hey, welcome back! I love the pics and it sounds like an amazing time, I'm glad you can look back on it with fondness!

  3. Actually, I think one of the funniest quotes was from you.
    "Who's in the bathroom [on the bus]?" (Response: Matt Rendall, Michael and Joseph.) "Joseph?" *shudder*

  4. Or how about: "There will be no removal of clothing on the bus." (Awww...)

    Or: "Can we have some action here?" --Krista, bored
    Or: "Chevy. Built Ford tough." --Joe
    Or: "I'm not a fan of crappy music." --Matt Phillips
    Or: "I smell like yesterday, and yesterday doesn't smell very good today." --Katie
    Or: "Man, J.K. Rowling got around!"
    Or: "[insert male name], you're a dirtball. Jesus agrees with me." --one of the speakers

  5. hahaha...those are good ones Alaina! Did you write those down? I couldn't remember any!


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