Monday, April 28, 2008

Rummage Sale, Matt's Gone and My Sister Is Here!

Another crazy weekend! Does it ever stop? I'm beginning to think not. My sister was telling me last night that when life becomes routine, people live that routine instead of living life. I am beginning to feel as if we are living crazy busy.

Anyway, this weekend was our annual church rummage sale which supports our youth trip this summer. I wish I had pictures from this weekend because we had SO MUCH stuff! We had so much left over as well that we are going to do another one in a month or two. Well, the youth made $2000! It was great! People started showing up at 6:30 AM!

Matt started trying to find things from our place to put into the rummage sale. I kept encouraging him to go through his closet and dressers, but he wasn't really interested. An hour later, I noticed a huge pile of clothes on our couch:

Matt cleaned out his closet of all of his old clothes. He has lost almost 50 pounds since we got married and has gone down two shirt sizes. So all of his old clothes were way too big, but he still wanted to hold onto them. I was so proud of him that he was getting rid of some things.

Then I looked into his closet...

Its mostly empty! He really did get rid of it all! YAY!!!! Then I realized we need to get him some new clothes. :) But that's a good problem to have!

I will write more tomorrow on Matt's trip and my time with my sister...this post is too long already.

Oh and by the way, I am so excited because there was this awesome desk at the rummage sale and I was telling someone that it would be a great scrapbooking table. Someone overheard me say that and asked Matt if they could buy it for me! I don't know where its going to go, but I have a new scrapbooking desk!! :)

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  1. WOW look at all those clothes! I am so bummed I miss the sale...not that I need anything ;-) But I would have loved to come.

    Have fun with your sister and that new scrapbook table!!

    When do you go with your mom on your Compassion trip?


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