Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a mom :)

Not really sure what to post today. My life really revolves around Rilyn right now. Rilyn eats, sleeps and fills her diaper and I facilitate and manage all of those things. Pretty routine.

I'm amazed at how much she has changed in four weeks. She's already holding her head up alot and she is starting to coo a little. She's looking around and will really focus on your face. LOVE IT!

Rilyn has been a wonderful baby, already sleeping through the night. After having three nights of her crying all night long and sleeping all day, we decided to start what I called "sleep training". We've tried to stick to a schedule as much as possible. Basically, she nurses, then she has awake time (I love this time because she is so alert and we have some good bonding time) and then I put her down in her crib for naptime. She cries for a few minutes but puts herself to sleep and sleeps well. I've been amazed at how her demeanor has changed. She was really fussy when she wasn't sleeping at night. She's back to the happy Rilyn!

Here are some more pictures:


  1. Sleep training...can be hard, but SO worth it!

    She's just too cute!

  2. I love these pictures, Anne! I miss my Rilyn!


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