Monday, May 17, 2010

Rilyn is 3 Weeks!

We don't have internet at home, so its been difficult to find time to get online and post anything. But its been a wonderful 3 weeks with Rilyn! She is a great baby -- already sleeping through the night just waking for one feeding. There for a few days she had her days and nights mixed up but we finally got past that.

A quick funny...Matt has been great about encouraging me to leave the house for a few hours a week on my own without Rilyn. So the other night I went to a local coffee shop to get online and I told Matt to text me when she wakes up. Here's a glimpse into the conversation that happened when Rilyn woke up:

8:15 pm
Matt: Just so you know Rilyn woke up, but take your time in coming home.

8:30 pm
Matt: Rilyn is hungry.
Anne: Ok I'll leave in a few minutes.

8:35 pm
Matt: Rilyn is REALLY hungry (see picture below)


  1. haha that made me laugh...I can just picture the whole thing happening..I can't wait to meet her in 4 days!!!!! love you guys

  2. LOL! So Mike and I had SEVERAL of those conversations! He would call me to give me an update and then I would receive a text minutes later saying I needed to wrap things up and head home NOW! So glad to see you are finding a groove as a family of 3. Looking forward to catching up on Thursday!

  3. Haha that makes me laugh. Gotta love it!!


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