Friday, January 16, 2009


So much for my new years resolution of blogging more often (or working out for that matter). Neither have happened since I last posted. :)

There has been a lot going on lately...
  • Our church kicked off 40 Days of Love, which is our church-wide study where we encourage everyone to participate and join a group.
  • I picked up a lot of graphic design business...but with the holidays its been stressful trying to catch up.
  • I'm attending College of Lake county this semester, taking two design classes. So I've been working out how to fit that into my schedule.
Those are the major things. Its silly but I feel like life has been taken over by them. In our 40 Days of Love study we're reading this book called The Relationship Principles of Jesus. Its been a good book! This week something in particular jumped out at me.

God does not demand of me that I accomplish great things. He does demand of me that I strive for excellence in all my relationships.

This was big for all of the chaos I've let relationships take a back burner. A friend this week sent me an email saying "Anne, I've called, emailed and facebooked you...where are you!?!" Reading this was a good reminder that I need to refocus. Now...the hard part is implementing that into life. :)

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