Thursday, April 3, 2008

Senior Dinner

Last night, we had all of the seniors from our youth group over for Enchiladas (there were 14 of us). I was really running behind because a friend of mine had her baby yesterday so I went to the hospital to visit the new little one. I showed up to my house with 20 minutes until kids started showing up!

I put the chicken in the water to boil and ran around cleaning up the house. Several girls showed up a little early and asked if they could help in any way. I was about to say, "Oh no that's fine!" but something inside said "Let them help!" So I gave them the chicken to cut up into little pieces.

More students showed up and several other girls asked how they could help. Slowly but surely, all of the girls had a job to do in preparing our meal, setting the table, and I was just overseeing. It was such a cool experience! And I realized that this was the best way...they got to experience preparing a meal together, they took ownership and pride in it and we all enjoyed the time together!

We are hosting every grade on their own night and I've decided that this is the way dinner is going to get prepared for all of those!


  1. aww. i miss you mucho anne. i do believe a coffee date is in our future.

  2. You're doing every grade?? Why didn't I hear about this??

  3. that is sooooo cool! but my only question is, WHY AREN'T THE GUYS DOING ANYTHING!?!? At least send them out to mow the yard or something! :)


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