Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Biggest Loser Competition

I weighed in last night from week 1 and was disappointed. I hadn't lost a single ounce! I weighed exactly what I weighed a week ago!!! I wasn't just disappointed in the scale, but also myself. I hadn't taken the eating part of this very seriously and really hadn't watched what I was eating.

So this week I am determined to see a change on the scale!

This week's challenges:
  • 9 glasses of water (or Crystal Lite) a day
  • How many crunches can you do in 60 seconds? (I did this challenge last night and got 61! I am the title holder so far...we'll see if anyone beat me tonight)
  • How many miles can you do in 25 minutes on each machine (treadmill, elliptical and bike)?
I DETEST the elliptical machine. We are not friends. I looked at that last challenge and about croaked. 25 minutes on THAT MACHINE!?! So last night I decided to just get it out of the way. The miles to beat at the moment was 1.8. When I was done I had gone 1.5. I was a little bummed that I hadn't beat 1.8 but I was also really proud of myself because I really pushed myself hard!

We'll see how this week goes...

Check out this great post on Megan Kaeb's site - The Battle of M&M - I think we can all relate!


  1. I detest the elliptical too!!! I just try to think about how good it is going to make my legs look while I am on it! I really have to challenge myself to stay on it. The treadmill seems so much easier!!! Good luck on your weight loss. Are you guys headed to Mt. Carmel soon?

  2. Go, Anne! You can do it!!!
    I read that post, too, and I was reminded of the bag of potato chips that always calls my name whenever it is in my cabinet!

  3. You were just about killing me when you were on the elliptical. I was tired being beside you working out and I didn't do as long as you did. I'm glad I got to spend a couple of days with you guys. I really missed you. Thanks for everything and I will hopefully see you soon. Since I am a little closer now. Yay!!


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