Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh boy...not again!

Matt is gone again tonight...I think I might stay with friends so I can avoid what happened the last time he was gone! Although my house could probably use another round of cleaning...but I think sanity is more precious right now than a clean house.

I got to see my family this weekend...although it went by way too quickly! My mom and I got to spend a lot of great quality time together and it was wonderful! I really miss having her nearby. She and I went to the gym on Saturday and I didn't want it to end...the workout I was ready to end...but not the time with my mom.

It was fun hanging out with my dad too, although I didn't get to see him as much...Matt stole time with him Saturday morning (which I am excited that they like to spend time together!). My dad has a new hobby - making pens. They are really awesome and he has a "man lair" down in the basement with all the machines to carve out these incredible pens. (They make great gifts for any occasion!) ;-)

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  1. You're welcome to sleep over at our place if you don't mind Phil coming in in the middle of the night:) We have a futon in Jeremiah's room. Just letting you know!


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