Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Shower Games?

I am throwing a baby shower for a friend and she likes to play shower games...shower games aren't my thing so I would love to hear some ideas from all of you! The shower is this Saturday so I am in dire need of help!!!! :-)


  1. there's the typical clothes pin one. Don't cross your legs or say the word baby or you have to give up your pin to someone else... Hey, isn't someone's birthday coming up soon???:D

  2. a fun one lesli did at my baby shower was to have a list of animals and then have people guess what the baby animal name is.

    I can see if she has the list..that's fun.

    also, everyone gets to guess how large the mama's stomach is with curliing ribbon or something. Always funny to see how large they think a pregnant woman is.

    can you add one more thing to your plate?

  3. At my shower for our twins, the host had 8 bags with letters on them spelling out t-w-i-n b-o-y-s (obviously you could spell out whatever you wanted). Then she had put a baby product in each bag that started with the same letter (i.e. in the T bag she had a baby Toy).

    The guests all had to guess what was in each bag. I got to keep what was in the bag and the person who got the most right got a small gift as well. It was a lot of fun!

  4. A game we played a my cousin's baby shower was: give each guest a paperplate and crayons. They have to put the paperplate on their head and then proceed to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like while the plate is on their's always amusing to see what the "babies" look like at the end.

    This isn't really a game but it's a wonderful thing to do for the mommy to be....
    Have thank you cards & envelopes for the mom... give each guest an envelope and ask that they address it to themself...that way when she has a few minutes each day she can write a thank you and not have to search for someone's's very helpful.

  5. Ok, had to comment. My all time favorite game is the dirty diaper game, you get all kinds of candy bars and melt them in the microwave and scoop the mess into the diaper. The guests have to guess what each one is. Its a great ice breaker - something to have going on as people are arriving. Pretty gross I know, but I am married to Tim!! Its just who we are! Wish I could be there.

  6. Oh I forgot! You can do the babyfood tasting game. You take off the labels and give everyone a spoon to taste several different foods. Whoever guesses the most wins. It's a cheap game to boot! :) I think I have some left from Jeremiah in the cupboard if you want... I'll look.

  7. If you want to do something different but that requires a little preparation there is a game thats become a tradition in my church family. We secretly video the dad-to-be answering some baby related questions ahead of time. Then at the shower we ask the mom-to-be the same questions one by one. The guests have to guess if the mom and dad will have the same or different answers. After everyone has written down their guess we play the clip of the dad-to-be's answer - which depending on the guy can be pretty funny. Anyway, if you want the word doc with the questions we use just get me your email and I'll send it to you or you can make up your own, its not like they are special just stuff like "How many kids do you want?", "Will dad help mom with changing diapers?", etc. We did about 20 Questions give or take. Its a fun game to do. Good luck!


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