Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 23rd birthday. It is crazy to think I am 23 today! Matt has been out of town and won't come home until tonight. It was a little hard to not wake up with him today on my birthday. But when I came to work I got the best birthday gift from him. This was in his email:

The 50 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

  1. You love me when I don’t deserve it
  2. You love Jesus
  3. You love people
  4. You make me a better person
  5. Your smile
  6. You dance with me in the living room
  7. You use my computer
  8. :)
  9. You love the girls in the youth group
  10. You start my car in the morning
  11. You cook dinner
  12. You use your blow money to buy starbucks
  13. You do our budget
  14. You want to sit with me at church
  15. You love your family
  16. You love my family
  17. :)
  18. Your heart for missions
  19. You hold my hand
  20. You do the laundry
  21. You hold me accountable
  22. You tell me I am putting on weight :)
  23. You loved me when you found out I was sick
  24. You pray for me
  25. You give me space when I need it
  26. You hold me when I need it
  27. :)
  28. You call me baby
  29. You give me cheek kisses
  30. :)
  31. You tell me you are sorry when it is my fault
  32. You let me have my own checking account
  33. You bought Stomp tickets
  34. Saturday Mornings
  35. When you curl your hair
  36. You sit and play guitar hero
  37. Your creative
  38. You wear tee shirts, and feel comfortable in them
  39. You send me random text messages
  40. If I was lost you would come find me
  41. You want to be a people person, even if you don’t always feel like it
  42. :)
  43. You come home from work and throw your stuff down on the ground
  44. You have a cute nose
  45. You teach me to be nice
  46. You love me when I don’t deserve love from you
  47. You serve me when I don’t deserve it
  48. You care for me when I am sick
  49. You hold up your vows
  50. You are You.


  1. Happy Birthday Anne! Have a great day you deserve it. And let Matt do a little around the house sometime. Since he loves you because you do it all. Just kidding Matt. Love you guys!!

  2. I love this list! Its so great to be reminded of why our spouse loves us. I think I might have to make a list for my husband. Happy Birthday by the way - mine is next Tuesday!

  3. I don't know if you care but I deleted your comment on my blog only so that your email wouldn't be out there for spammers to find or whatever. Anyway, enjoy the game ideas! I hope the shower goes well! Maybe we'll chat again sometime!

  4. Anne,
    Sorry this is a belated birthday wish! I thought of you yesterday and remembered your 6th birthday party at our house when your mom was in the hospital with Erica as a newborn! May all your dreams come true this year and you be truly blessed. Sounds like you are a very happy newlywed!

  5. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the valentine...


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