Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Stomach Bug

Last Thursday night, I found myself puking for over an hour. It all of the sudden hit me and Matt and I were not expecting it at all. Matt was playing his usual College Football on Nintendo 64 and I was already in bed when it hit. Matt rushed into the bathroom, wanting to help but feeling helpless. He kept trying to love on me, hug me and kiss my head...but when you are puking those things are necessarily appreciated. He asked me what he could do to help and I said, "Get me a cold washcloth and then go play Nintendo until I'm done!" :) Poor guy!

*Additional information: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! ;) I think it was the KFC I ate


  1. ahem! Is there something you would like to share with the class, Anne?

  2. hahaha...those same thoughts went through my head...I took a test though...nope not preggers!

  3. When you e-mailed that you were sick I thought...hummm. I had AWFUL morning sickness.

    I remember about five months before I got pregnant the first time I was sick like you...but it last about 24 hours. I thought that was bad. I was sick for 8 week...like the flu for 8 weeks with my first baby (we miscarried). Then sick just a short two months later for 5 ot 6 weeks with Miles and REALLY, REALLY sick with Luke just a short, very short 15 months later!

    Maybe this is why I am scared to get pregnant again with a 2 1/2 year old and a one year old!

  4. I hear pretty much everyone at ZBTHS has colds, and so do I, but now I can stop feeling sorry for myself. I hope you're doing better now and you can come to youth group.
    I'm sorry I haven't been able to talk much (and now I've lost my voice). I might just email you about what's going on.


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