Monday, September 10, 2007

Supersize my faith, please!

Being in youth ministry, I have been ministered to or challenged by the students time and time again. A few weeks ago, a couple of our students gave their testimonies during youth group. One of our guys talked about the struggle over the last few months with his mother's cancer. I walked away really challenged by what he said at the end.

Before we know Christ, we are searching for Him. Maybe we don't realize who or what we are searching for, but ultimately we are all on a search for some higher purpose. The moment we ask Christ to be in our hearts, the search is over. Its done. We have the only answer there is...Christ. Our job is then to tell others about our faith.

So many times, especially as Americans, we continue searching for more, thinking this isn't enough, there must be more! We want to continue super-sizing our faith. Yes, we are told to "work out" our faith, but that is completely different. That is the living our faith part; not the searching part.

I have found that I don't do the living part at times, because I feel like there must be more. I want to continue the searching part in order to super size what I have found in the past. Many times it is easier to continue the searching part of our lives because the living part seems too complicated with too many rules. Too much is being asked of me. But in actuality, I have found it really is the easiest. I can find all that is asked of me in one place...God's Word.

It is incredible how wise teenagers can be!

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