Friday, March 18, 2011

We Made It! My MOPS Journey

I know I haven't blogged in a REALLY long time, but I felt like this was blogworthy. Rilyn made it through an entire MOPS morning! This is 5 MONTHS in the making!

In November I decided that I needed to find something for me as a mom. Staying cooped up all winter wasn't an option. And I also wanted something with childcare, because I knew that having that time for me was important. I'm not in a place to start something on my own, so I started researching what was available in my area. (If you're looking try MOPS or I found a MOPS group about 15 minutes from my home and decided to try it. This was huge for me, because I went completely on my own! I was nervous but excited at the same time.

I dropped Rilyn off in the nursery and was excited at the prospect of two whole hours of adult conversation, no one else eating off my plate and being challenged! Rilyn, however, was not a fan. After thirty minutes, they came and got me.

This has been my experience every single time since. Sometimes, I was able to get her to sleep and go back; other times, I had to bring her back with me. Each week, I would drop off Rilyn and feel a little bad that the care takers had to "deal" with her. I felt like none of the other mothers were dealing with this. But I also knew that eventually Rilyn would becomecomfortable in there and I didn't want to cave.

Yesterday, I looked at the clock and to my surprise there were only 15 minutes left! She made it! What a relief!

There were so many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. I would tell myself that it would be so much easier to just stay home. But then I would be missing this time that I am filled up as a mom. Or I would tell myself it would just be easier if I brought her with me. But then she would never become comfortable in the nursery and I wouldn't have the full affect of this time.

It is so important to carve out this time and to stick with it! I feel like I'm a better mom todaybecause of that time I had yesterday. And in two weeks, I'm going to need it again!

So, if you're a mom in a similar situation, my encouragement to you is to stick with it! The benefits far outweigh the frustrations and/or struggles of the moment.

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