Monday, November 1, 2010

Date Time

Date Night has been a priority for the McClanes since we got married 4 years ago. Before Rilyn came along, every Monday night was set aside for intentional time together. Now that Rilyn has joined us, we've had to be more intentional about making it happen, but its still a priority. I grew up hearing my parents say, "the best thing you can do for your kids is to love your spouse." For me, this is important.

Rilyn was only 1 week old when Matt and I went out together without her and my mom babysat. We were only gone for an hour, but it set a precedence for making time for each other. We don't get a Date Night every week, but we do get Date Time -- whether its an hour, an evening, or even a full day!
  • Schedule it! Life gets hectic, so if its on the calendar, its more likely to happen. Mondays are typically when we find Date Times because Matt is off on Mondays.
  • Say "Yes!" I've had several people say how they wish they could go out but can't afford babysitting. Trust me, I understand this...we can't either and we don't have family nearby to help. But, I've learned to say "yes" when certain people offer to watch Rilyn for free. There are lots of women at our church who enjoy loving on little kids. There is a woman I trust whole-heartedly who offered to watch Rilyn every-other Monday...ALL DAY! Did I say yes? You bet! So that means every-other Monday Matt and I get a Date DAY. Its great for us, but its also good for her to learn to be ok with others.
  • Trade With Other Couples I know a few people who trade off babysitting with other couples. One week, Couple A watches Couple B's children while they go out. Then the next week, Couple A goes out while Couple B watches their kids. I know some people who trade overnight!
  • Take advantage of nap or rest time. Sometimes, Matt comes home for lunch and Rilyn is down for a nap. I consider this Date Time too, as long as I make sure to intentionally talk to him :)
Do you have any Date Time tips or fun things you do with your spouse?


  1. Hi, I just found you blog and I enjoy it, especially b/c I have a similar story. I've been married 3 years, I have 4 month old, and I am adjusting to life staying at home taking care of my family. I found your mom's blog and your blog to be encouraging.

  2. Hi Brigette, thanks for leaving a comment! Congratulations on your daughter, she is so cute!

  3. With three boys getting "out" has been more of a challenge. We feel like finding sitters is a bit more of a challenge with aging parents, busy sisters and well...three is a lot more work than 1!

    So we do "at home dates". We put the boys to bed early, shut down phones, computers, tv and anything else and just have time together.

    Also, I was always a bit...well didn't like to leave the boys a lot before they were one. Even with that, they do get used to others and now when I do get a sitter and when i get home it's normally like, "Hey mom do you have to be home, go back out." Yes, they love other people and love time with others and I didn't really have to work at it at all. Cute!


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