Friday, August 13, 2010

Rilyn's 1st Vacation

We got home last Sunday from our vacation, but I still feel in vacation mode. I didn't have the drive to do much of anything this week :)

Rilyn did GREAT on the drive down and back. Of course, she was very tired of her car seat by the end of the week, but she was a trooper.

Here are some pictures from the week:

E-Mealz actually came in really handy for our vacation. We had a very tight budget for this trip so we couldn't spend more than what we had. Before we left, I made an envelope for every day we were gone and put a specific amount in each. We could only spend what was in the envelope. So, we ended up making alot of our meals...using our favorites from past E-Mealz weeks. Dave Ramsey is so right when he says, "The best kind of vacation is the kind that doesn't follow you home (on the credit card bill)". We paid for everything completely in cash which allowed for us to truly enjoy our vacation!

Any end-of-the-summer plans for you out there?

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