Monday, August 16, 2010

Loving E-Mealz

I <3 EmealzI haven't blogged about E-Mealz in a few weeks because its been a little busy around my house lately, plus we were on vacation and Matt was gone another week, so I wasn't able to truly stick to the plan. But we're back now and I went back to work this week so E-Mealz has proven invaluable to me! Here are some more pictures of the really yummy meals I've made from my E-Mealz plan!

I know some of you have signed up for an E-Mealz plan...what are your thoughts? Are you enjoying the meals? Matt seems to be enjoying the variety of foods that we're eating now. :)


  1. Hi, I found your post on your mom's blog and so glad I did. I know exactly what you mean about working and not working. I worked after my first and second children but then I had to leave on medical leave and never went back. I love being home. And I love Emealz. I was a little worried when I had to change over to a gluten free diet but three wks later they had gluten free menus. I have changed stores a couple of times but still use it all the time to help me make weekly menus. I am terrible at meal planning so it helps me. I look forward to reading your blog. Have a blessed day and give that cutie pie princess a big hug!

  2. Thanks Karen! I'm very excited to be finishing up at work and heading home. :)

    Glad EMealz has worked for you!


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