Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Sports Fan Is Born

I walked into the room last night to find Matt and Rilyn watching the All-Star baseball game. Yes...Rilyn was watching the TV! A friend of mine stopped by and we had to actually turn the TV off to get Rilyn to look at anything else. My friend actually said "Wow, your baby is really watching TV!" A sports fan (well...maybe a TV fan) was born.

I <3 EmealzLast night's E-Mealz was another success! It was a chicken casserole dish that I slightly edited to include more vegetables and I used biscuits instead of the onion crunchies it called for. In talking with my Mom, she brought up a good point with E-Mealz -- the ladies who create the E-Mealz plans are based in Alabama, so the deals that they find aren't necessarily the same at our stores here in Illinois. However, I'm not just paying for them to find the good deals...I'm also paying for the time saving plan. I've gone ahead and edited some of the meals based on what is on sale at my Wal-mart and what we will eat.

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  1. Hello! I work for E-mealz and just wanted to stop by and tell you THANK YOU so much for writing about us and we certainly do hope you continue to enjoy it. Welcome to the E-mealz family!


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