Friday, July 16, 2010

E-Mealz - Sausage Lasagna

I just had to start today's post with this cute picture of Rilyn. She had fallen asleep during "Belly Time". The Dr told us that we needed to do more belly time because her head was a little misshapen.

I <3 EmealzWednesday's E-Mealz meal was a Sausage Lasagna. Rilyn and I had a good time preparing dinner and some of the other elements for meals later in the week. For instance, I'm making Chicken Enchiladas on Saturday, so while I was preparing the lasagna I went ahead and boiled all of the chicken so it is already done. I've been making notes on each meal to remember in the future what I liked and what element I would change in the future -- I was not a fan of the Italian Sausage that the lasagna recipe called for, so next time I'll just use regular Sausage.

I just downloaded next week's Meal plan. I'm a little nervous because there are some things that we don't normally enjoy (curry, Thai peanut sauce) but I'm determined to try it at least once. Maybe if I make it, I'll enjoy it. :) However, Matt will be gone again next week so I'm not sure how many full meals I'll be making. Matt loved all of the meals this week -- success! Anyway, here is a picture of the Sausage Lasagna.


  1. Hi, Anne!
    I have really appreciated learning about Emealz from you. I am considering using it and it has been so helpful to hear how it works from someone I know. Plus, Alyssa has moved back home and I am cooking more now, so having it all planned out seems so much easier.
    I also love seeing all of your pics of Rilyn...she is beautiful...and so are you! I can see how much you love being her mother!
    God bless!
    Connie Hughey

  2. Hi Connie! As you can tell, I'm loving the E-Mealz plan :)

    I love being a mom, especially to Rilyn ;) Its both tiring but great at the same time!


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