Monday, March 8, 2010

Please Pray for the Marsh Family

As a soon-to-be new mother, stories like these have become very real to me. Its easy to read about something like this and not think of the emotions that are going on behind the scenes. I came across the blog of the Marsh family. They are losing their 2 year old daughter to cancer at a very fast rate -- they have days. Their faith in the midst of pain and suffering is inspiring and challenging.

Please be praying for this family as they are experiencing this pain and loss!

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  1. I just read their blog and was brought to tears. After having a little one in the sick and in the NICU not knowing what his outcome might be, my heart breaks for this family. But what an amazing example of faith and trust in God. Thank you for sharing this Anne. They will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.


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