Friday, March 19, 2010

My Top 10...Milestones of Pregnancy

10. Finding out I was pregnant
I had an inkling that I was pregnant, so on my lunch break I went to Walmart to get some tests, but waited until I got home. When Matt got home I told him I thought I might be, so I went to take the test. Matt really wasn't fully aware of how that process worked, and how fast it would be, so he answered a phone call. Immediately the stick turned blue! I yelled out of the bathroom that he better get off the phone!! I told him it was positive and we were both a little stunned. He made me take another one...and after that one came out positive he started to tell me to take a third! But I told him two was enough :)

9. Telling our family we were pregnant
My brother was the first to know, because I had to tell someone and I knew he wouldn't be there when we were planning on telling my family. For Matt's mom and my parents, we bought them cards that had babies all over the front and it said "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa". The inside said, "That's baby talk for Congratulations!" Underneath we wrote, "Baby McClane debuting April 29!". Since we weren't able to tell them in person, we called Matt's dad and step-mom. They were all very excited.

8. 1st Sonogram
It was an amazing experience to see our little blob! :) The reality that we were going to have a baby hit us in that moment. It was very cool to experience that with Matt.

7. Feeling Baby Girl kick
I don't really remember a specific 1st time moment (I wish I had written it down). But I do remember the early sensations of movements. Never really felt the "butterflies" that people talk just felt like a rolling sensation.

6. 1st time Matt felt Baby Girl kick
December 27, 2009. :) One date that I kept track of. I think he was expecting it to be more than what it was. She wasn't moving much at that was like a little hiccup. But he could definitely feel her!

5. Shopping/Dreaming with Matt
We've really enjoyed going to the store and looking at all of the baby stuff. Makes it more of a reality that we're having a baby -- and it starts us talking about the future.

4. Naming Baby Girl
Still no name -- but we've had fun thinking about names. Looking at the Name Books is often more humorous than helpful.

3. Reaching 20 Weeks -- halfway there!
I remember this being a big moment for me. The reality that I was halfway done with my pregnancy was exciting but nerve-wracking all at the same time. To think we only have 6 weeks left is crazy!

2. Baby Classes
This was a great experience with Matt! It was full of helpful information for both of us, and was very eye opening for Matt. Also provided some humor too. :)

1. Latest Sonogram -- Baby Girl's chin
For both of us, this was a cool sonogram, because we got a great view of Baby Girl's face -- she has her daddy's chin! For the first time, I was anxious to see what she is going to look like.

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  1. This is so sweet! I am excited for the both of you! :-]


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