Tuesday, March 16, 2010

33 1/2 weeks!

I attended my first Hearts at Home conference this weekend! Ironically, the two workshops I attended were ones in which my parents were speaking. :) My dad did an awesome job! This was the first time he did a workshop all by himself. The topic was "5 Secrets Your Husband Wish You Knew." Powerful stuff! In fact, there was standing room only! Women were seated all over the floor and out into the hallway. So proud of him!

Then, my parents also gave a workshop based on their new book, "Living on Less so Your Family Has More". GREAT BOOK! I picked it up to just see what it was about and I ended up reading the whole thing that night!

BABY UPDTATE - I spent a lot of time on my feet this weekend at Hearts and ended up with some very swollen feet. Normal for pregnancy. However, yesterday my left foot looked normal but the right foot was still extremely swollen. So I called the Dr and they brought me in. After checking the pulse in my leg he said everything was fine. He then started the exam and said, "Wow! Big Baby! She's measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of herself." I'm 33.5 weeks, and she's measuring at 35. So I'll be going in for another ultrasound here in a few weeks for them to "weigh" her. He said if it starts looking like a high 8 lb. or 9 lb baby they'll probably induce. Not a fan of that idea but will know more in a few weeks.

My sister in law, Julie, threw me a shower in my hometown this weekend. It was really neat to have people who have been a part of my life for a long time be there. Many of these women who were mentors or leaders in my life when I was younger, are now friends. Its cool how that works out.


  1. If you notice more swelling or start getting headaches or seeing spots, call the doctor back, just in case! Swelling is normal, but headaches and spots with swelling might mean that you need to have a urine test to make sure that you aren't spilling protein in your urine. It is never a bad thing to call your doctor back and ask if any new symptoms that you might feel are normal. Sometimes they are and sometimes the doctors like to look at your pee and check! I pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  2. I had a 9lb 4 oz baby and she came out just fine. It's ok to give birth to a big baby and doesn't mean you'll have to have a c-section! Be sure to stand up for yourself and what you want, not what's convenient or "safe" for the dr.


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