Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Imagine giving birth on a dirt floor in a grass hut.

As an expectant mother, this touched my heart. Its hard to imagine being a pregnant woman in an under-developed country with such harsh conditions. To give birth to a child (that hopefully survives) in a small unsanitary hut...I couldn't fathom. Having no options other than that.

As my mom says, "When you sponsor a Compassion child or donate to Compassion, you are really partnering with another mom." I've been a long-time Compassion advocate...but this gives me a new mission! I'm going to continue partnering with moms across the world. I don't know what this is going to look like, but my heart has been stirred!

Give a Happy Birth Day

Imagine giving birth on a dirt floor in a grass hut.

No doctor, no medical equipment, no help available in case of an emergency. For mothers in developing countries, that is often the harsh reality.

1500 mothers and 10,000 newborns die every day due to complications that could have been prevented just with the presence of a skilled birth attendant.

But Compassion prepares mothers for the big day, providing a skilled birth attendant and medical supplies for birth in a clean, safe environment. For just $100, you can supply a developing world mother with a safe birth today


  1. until reading your blog entry, the thought of expectant moms in haiti hadn't even crossed my mind. imagine??????? of those expectant mothers that survived, there have to be dozens if not hundreds that were or are due now and in the next several weeks to come. can you even imagine?
    let us not take one U.S. luxury for granted.
    lynne sugai

  2. Lynne - I had the same thought process! It hit me hard as I started to think about it more. I'm praying more specifically now!

  3. The child survival program with Compassion is amazing! I even checked to see if they would hire us someday for this program since it is exactly what we want to do. :) Thanks for my FIRST blog comment... I actually haven't told anyone yet that we have a blog! Ha! I wanted to get it going first to make sure I was going to stick with it. :)


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