Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cool God Story - Continuation of "As Yourself"

Yesterday, I received this email from Matt. This is a continuation from our "As Yourself" night. You can read more about it here. You don't typically get to hear about the effect your blessing has on the person's life. God is so good!

I got a call today from a guy named Mike. He told me that he attends Emmanuel Church and that he volunteers his time at the Cancer Research Center. Anyway, he told me about a man from Nevada who he met years ago that comes in for treatment. He has no family, and little money but used to work and teach at a Christian school. Mike broke down on the phone telling me that he met with this man on Monday and the man told him about a group of teenagers who paid for his room and prayed for him on Sunday night as he was checking in to the hotel.

Mike told me that "You and your church needed to know what this did for this guy, and how much it impacted this mans spirit." I wanted to pass this on to you all and tell you how humbled I am to hear stories like this. I told Mike about "As Yourself" and how the kids brought in their own money and it was so cool to see them out, and to hear what God had done in them for this man. I also asked if he would come on Sunday night and tell the students what he told me on the phone. Hope this gives you a little jolt of joy today knowing what God is doing in this community through the students at North Point.

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