Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Girl!

We found out yesterday that we're having a baby Girl! We're so excited! It was a wonderful experience at the Dr yesterday. We spent at least 20-30 minutes being able to see our little girl in the sonogram. The technician measured everything and said she was perfect as far as they could tell!

She had the was so wild to see her diaphragm and little body moving as she hiccuped. Her little lips were moving and she really liked her hands up by her face. You can see in one of the pictures that she had her hands cupped up by her face.

I kept thinking through the whole appointment that God is so good! How can you look at something like that and not see an awesome Creator?

Below is a slideshow of the sonogram pictures. Enjoy :)


  1. We love it!! So excited for you guys--can't wait to share this season of life with you two...three :)

  2. SO STINKING EXCITING!!! I printed a picture and put in on my desk at work! proud Uncle already :)

  3. It truly is an amazing thing! God is amazing! Can't wait to see your growing belly and for you to meet our little one :-) Love you guys bunches!


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