Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gifts that Give Back - Continued

For a list of all of the organizations and companies for "Gifts that Give Back" check out yesterday's post.

Its been really cool to hear how others are doing something similar this Christmas. This was just left on my facebook wall and thought I would share it. She's a college student -- how awesome!

For one of my gifts this year i went through "operation smile" this is an organization that goes to third world countries, sets up free clinics, and fixes children's cleft lips and/or cleft palates. its kinda personal to me because it has to do with the field im studying (speech language pathology) and just so happens to be the area i want to specialize in. its great though--you can provide different things for the surgery depending on the amount of money you want to spend. i bought pain medication for 12 children ($30)...surreal to me; 12 children can be provided with pain medication for 30 dollars....an amount of money which we spend on clothes and shoes without a second thought. anyway, theres another organization :) - Jordyn

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