Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sleeping Through The Night...

Last night at 3am, I had an epiphany. After getting up to use the restroom (at least once every night), I was wide awake. Suddenly it hit me. I will probably not sleep straight through the night ever least for a long time.

That thought kept me up for a while. Of course, I know things are going to change with Baby McClane but they aren't reality as of yet. For some reason, this hit me hard. I felt like I was mourning "my old life" for a moment but was trying to think of all the positives at the same time.

Anyway, I came to a resolve that in order to go back to sleep, I'd just have to be okay with not sleeping well ever again. :)

Aside from my early morning realization, everything is going really well! I've not had too much nausea, however I feel like my energy is zapped before I even get out of bed.

And the pregnancy dreams...Wow! They are very weird and so realistic!

30 more weeks to go!


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  2. Can I say that it does eventually get better? :-) To be honest, I never slept through the night even before I was pregers! Mike tells me I have a bladder the size of a pee. But our wee ones do eventually sleep through the night and it is bliss when that happens. But it is all worth it my friend! Oh, and in a few weeks, you will get your energy back. It's weird how that happens in the second trimester. Love ya!

  3. Yes, there will be a season between when they are little and when they are teenagers that you get to sleep through the night!

    It's all worth it though!

    Love you!


  4. On the plus side, the sleep-interupted nights help you appreciate a "sleep all night" kind of night at an entirely new level!

  5. I have a two year old and a 6 month old. My oldest sleeps through the night without waking up and has done this since about 19 months. The occasional sickness will wake us. The thing that helps us out the most is a noise maker in her room. Ours is made by Homemedics and is a Sound Spa. You can get it from for about $20! The waterfall setting sounds like white noise. We have one in each of our kids' rooms now and use it at night and for naps. It makes me feel comfortable to unload the dishwasher without feeling like I'm being too noisy and helps them sleep though the door bell ringing. I completely recommend it! The one that we have is the cheapest one that I found that you can plug in and will run all night. I hope that this helps you get a full night's sleep faster after your baby is born!

  6. That is so sad! I am the most picky person when it comes to me getting my sleep. Keep on truckin', Anne! These 30 weeks will fly, I'm sure!

  7. Dont worry we will watch baby mcclane anytime and then you will be able to sleep through the night...but you might want to move closer..hehe..Im excited to see you guys this ya


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