Saturday, September 20, 2008


This summer has not been as crazy as the last two summers with weddings, but we are having a busy fall.  Matt is in two, one today and another in October.  Pete and Julie are getting married today.  The wedding party and family stayed at the Great Lakes Leadership Campus.  It is a beautiful victorian home that has been renovated to be a retreat center.  At one time, this house had 15 rooms!  It was built in 1897 for John and Martha Stewart -- just to hold the artifacts they had collected on their many travels!  You can see some pictures here.  

Matt is taking pictures with the wedding party right now and I have a few hours to kill. :)  I've been thinking about our wedding day and how thankful I am that we are not getting married today.  I know that sounds weird but I'm glad that I get to live life with my best friend now.  We know each others' quirks and patterns, and they have become endearing.  There has been a lot of challenges and growth in the last two years that have made us both better people!  Besides all of that, I don't think I would want to relive the first month of marriage - with all the expectations and just not knowing how to do this thing called marriage.  

I love weddings though.  Often, they serve as a reminder of what love can look like...and its the only time I can get my husband on a dance floor. :)

Well, I should probably go get showered and dressed.  I found a dress that matches the yellow shoes from Evan and Julie's wedding!  :)  Never thought I'd wear them again!

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