Thursday, August 28, 2008

Compassion International - You Can!

Dear God … I was telling a friend about you. He wants to know how old you are.

This is an actual prayer from David, a little boy in Ecuador. Children in poverty have so little, but they share what little they have … like David, who shares his faith in Jesus Christ with others. What an amazing lesson the poor teach us about generosity! To learn how you can make a difference today or to hear more prayers from children in poverty, go to

I was looking through my child's information today and found this cool information about her home country of Ethiopia:



(How are you?)

The word tena means "health." If translated literally, it would mean, "May you have Health." Implicitly, it would mean, "May God give you health." To respond, one would say, Egziabeher Yimesgen, Dehena Negne. This means, "God be praised, I am fine."


To ask, "How are you?" in this language, say, Naguma, Fayuma or Naga, which are interchangeably used depending on regions or locations.

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