Thursday, July 31, 2008

Couple Time!

For work, I am on an email blast called "Help A Reporter" and it sends out topics that authors are needing sources for. On today's one said this:

"For a piece in Redbook about couple time, I need to hear from a married woman (20s-40s) about a QUIRKY way you and your husband spend time together. Maybe every Saturday you take synchornized swimming lessons together or ?! Whatever it is, it's got to be kinda odd--no we snuggle on the couch after putting the kids to bed. Please email with a few sentences that describe your "couple time" along with your age, and the city/state where you live. No pictures necessary. THANK YOU!"

I laughed when I read this but then I thought what a great topic for a blog post! So, I want to hear what you and your significant other do to spend time together. It doesn't necessarily have to be quirky.

Matt and I:
Monday nights are our date night, so we typically go out to eat. And of course, Starbucks is our place to go (if you aren't familiar with our story, that is where we met). We also enjoy going to a bookstore and reading for a while then putting the books back on the shelf. :)

So what about you? Leave a comment and let us know who you are, a little about your relationship and what you do for your "couple time".


  1. Couple time? What's that?? :P
    Once every few months we bribe some nice friends to watch our boys so we can go somewhere new. For the in between time we either both do something we enjoy in the same proximity (like I was reading a cookbook while Phil plays game demos) or watch a movie together. I know, terribly unexciting.szdhyb

  2. We like to get a TV series on DVD and watch it together. We like Quantum Leap and Ghost Hunters.

  3. Anne, as you know, it's Fridays for your dad and I. During the school year we spend all day Friday together. We sleep late, run errands together, go to lunch, and enjoy having uninterrupted time to talk!

  4. Hahaha...Nicole, we've done that for you before and would love to do it again before life changes for ya!!!

    Delci - we love to do that too! We rent House, The Office and Arrested Development.

    Mom, your Fridays definitely inspired our Monday nights. :)


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