Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Compassion International - El Salvador

Update #1

I know I said I wouldn't be updating, but its hard not to! :)

What a trip! Its hard to put into words what we have experienced so far. We arrived safe and sound although mom and Erica's luggage along with several others was left in Houston. So they didn't get their luggage until late last night. But it arrived!

Yesterday we toured the Compassion El Salvador headquarters. The one thing I can say about Compassion is they are ORGANIZED! The best organization I have ever seen! All projects (Compassion Schools) are run the same organizationally. They all have a folder on each child with copies of their work and letters. They get audited twice a year. Everything is so organized!

Today, we visited two different projects as well as a child's home. Her name was Mariana. It was heart breaking to see a family of 5 live in a house the size of my king sized bed! NO EXAGGERATING! Even though they don't have materialistic things, many are full of joy because of Christ. So often I find myself discontent because I don't have matching furniture or don't have the latest kitchen utensils. The picture below is Mariana and her mother.

One little girl I met today was Tatiana. She was just excited that she could sit beside me and hug me. At each project they put on a program for us. They asked that we pray, so I closed my eyes and bowed my head. I heard Tatiana moving beside me and the next thing I knew a hand was on my head. Tatiana and all of the other children were laying their hands on us as we prayed! I wanted to say, "NO! I should be praying and laying my hands on you!" It was very humbling! Someone brought nail polish and painted her fingernails. She ran up to me to show me! It was really cool to have a connection, even though there is a language barrier.

Below is a picture of a volcanic lake! Beautiful!

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  1. You are definitely expereincing an amazing adventure. Love ya dad!


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