Thursday, May 22, 2008

Compassion International - Are My Letters Important?

I have recently discovered the Compassion International Blog. I would encourage you, whether or not you have sponsored a child, to check it out. Its a glimpse into a wonderful organization and stories from around the world!

They have been talking about whether or not our letters are important. I am more and more convinced that they are crucial. In fact, I am going to take that one step further. I think letter writing is important period! My mother-in-law is great at sending cards. If for any reason she has to send us a package or something by mail, she always finds these great cards to go along with. They make us feel special!

I have a card that my mom wrote to me when I was in fourth grade that she sent while I was at camp. My dad sent me some cards for every single day of one of my mission trips back in high school. I have kept every single one.

A few months ago, I sent one of my students a card. When she saw me next, she was so excited because that was the first card she had ever received! Letter writing speaks love and care because it took time and you truly thought of that person!

Moral of today's post...I would encourage you to pick up a pen and paper today and write to someone! :)

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