Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Compassion International - 1,000,000th Child Registered

Meet Jeffry. He lives in Nicaragua, and he is Compassion's 1,000,000 registered child.

The difference between a registered child and a sponsored child is that registered children are waiting to be sponsored.

The registered children are the ones whose pictures you see on the web and in the child packets at concerts and other events, such as Compassion Sunday.

The registered children are the children who may wait several months to be chosen by a sponsor and who the Unsponsored Children's Fund assists until that sponsor comes along. The Unsponsored Children's Fund bridges the gap between registration and sponsorship.

Please help Compassion reach 1,000,000 sponsored children. Sponsor a child today.

(Copied from Love Laid Bare)

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  1. Our family sponsors a little boy through Compassion. Its so neat to get his letters and pictures. He's grown so much in the few years that we've been sponsoring him!


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