Monday, March 24, 2008

I Survived Another Easter

A year ago, I cried through Easter Sunday service. It was my first Easter Sunday away from my family and it was hard knowing they would all be getting together to eat lunch together, except I wouldn't be there.

This year, I made it through service with dry eyes. It was a little easier this year knowing that my family was leaving for Florida and wasn't going to be celebrating in the traditional way. Although it was still hard knowing they were vacationing without me. (I think this might be the first time they go on vacation without me!)

Evan called me right after lunch. He is now an adult as well, living on his own, soon to be married. He wasn't going on family vacation either. Some friends invited him over for an "orphan" easter lunch, it was a gathering of people who didn't have family close by. Its pretty much what our lunch was as well. Thankfully, some friends invited us over to their house for lunch. It made Easter seem a little more "traditional".

My mom just posted a fun post on her blog called "Wonderfully Incompatible". I posted something similar a year ago called "Differences". Its good to remember that differences can actually make a relationship work!


  1. i remember easter last year. we were both miserable! i am glad we are each in better places emotionally this year :) i miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

  2. Boy, do I know this feeling! It seems like there are always things popping up like this for us. Each holiday is a new scramble. We'll go through it all again next year in a new place. Glad you were able to have some consolation this year:). I know it's not easy adjusting from being at Mom and Pop's place!


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