Wednesday, March 21, 2007


For me, this picture signifies a lot of differences (and compromises) between Matt and I. This picture was taken at one of Matt's favorite pizza places, Giordanno's. I do not like Giordanno's at all! They put the sauce on top of all the is that normal? I love UNO's pizza. The thick crust is wonderful! Matt hates UNO's. Its a rare occasion that we both agree to go to one or the other. As I was looking at this picture, it got me to thinking about the differences between us:




While You Were Sleeping



Loves people

Loves my alone time!

Not a truck fan

LOVE trucks!



Stupid humor movies


The Office, 24, and LOST

Food Network Channel

Won’t eat anything green

(*update: I just found out he likes green beans!)


Corn Casserole…refuses to eat it!

My favorite!

Light on the butter, please!

A little roll with my butter, please!

Inserts knife in fork, then cuts food

Just use the fork!

iPod guru

How do I work this thing?




  1. i think jarrett and i need to do one of those. haha.

  2. I love the Mac and PC relation haha

  3. Hi Anne
    My name is Candy. I found you from reading your Moms book that I just got this past weekend "My hearts at Home" Im halfway through it! I love it, please tell her :)
    In her book, she mentioned her webpage which I just checked out and then noticed her webspace which led me here. I loved reading about you and your siblings in the book. Its such a great book! Im planning on doing a review of it for my blog friends on my blog. It will be a good review thats for sure! :)
    Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say Hi. Its way too cool to be dropping a note to you while reading your Moms book.
    God Bless,
    Candy (from Canada)

  4. Hi Anne:)
    This is Nicole from church.
    This is cute! If you're anything like Phil and I, these differences will become much clearer as the years pass. Just make sure to remember the cute ones when the annoying ones come along! My favorite one is that Phil hates peas and I hate carrots. Peas and Carrots :). The way Matt is different will make you stronger in the end. Isn't marriage cool?:)

  5. Anne,

    It was nice meeting you at MOPS and then at the wedding last night.

    I love your funny all the you like he likes things! Makes me remember being a newlywed. I mean we still are (almost 4 years) but it was fun reading.

    I blog on xanga

  6. Anne,

    This is so fun to see your differences spelled out like this! Great observations!

    I love you!



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