Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hasty Cleanup

I was baking bread this weekend and was trying to clean everything up before Matt got home. Notice anything that doesn't belong?

Yes....I put the chips in the fridge! Where is my brain!?!


  1. Potatoe chips in the fridge...are you pregnant...you've got pregancy brain ;-)

  2. Vodka :O ?? lol just kidding:P What are those little orange bottles in the bottom?

  3. Definitely NOT pregnant Heather! :)

    Those little orange bottles are Vemma, a nutritional supplement. My parents sell it. Vemma is awesome! My dad hasn't had a sinus infection in over a year and my hyperthyroidism is under control. You should check it out: www.vemma.com.

    Nice little sales pitch there. :)


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