Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Mom's Blog

I have found a new passion...creating blog templates and manipulating HTML codes!

My mom sent me someone's blog and asked me if I could create something similar for her. I took that challenge and ran with it.

We are still doing work to it...but you can check it out at http://jillsavage.blogspot.com/.


  1. Anne...Looks great. I'd love to find out how to have tabs up on top with different links!

  2. Hey, Joia here...(the one who commented on here a while ago because I had read your mom's book)

    Anyway, you have done a beautiful job with your blog, and now your mom's, and I'm really curious... where did you find/figure out how to have a picture in your blog title box?
    If you get time to answer, can you post a comment on my blog? pjknews.blogspot.com


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