Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bound by Love..and the United States Treasury

My mom's new site has been officially launched! Very exciting! Check it out when you get the chance.

Matt hasn't blogged in a while but I was just browsing through his posts and I came across this one...its pretty funny to look back and see how far we've come!

Anne and I are trying really hard to start things off right in every aspect of our marriage. With that said we joined in on a program called Financial Peace University. This is a program offered to help people get out of debt. Walking into the room where the program was being held last Monday night I felt ten feet tall and bullet proof because I was about to conquer this financial situation and ride off into the sunset one day with no financial cares and worries, this would be my finest moment. Nine days later I dont know if I could be more stressed about what is going on around me. Anne has been amazing putting together our budget and telling me what we have to spend and where we are going to spend it. This morning though it hit me. While I was getting ready for work Anne walked into the bedroom and showed me $10. She told me that this was my “blow off money” for the month. Meaning outside of all of our bills and everything that we need to be ok, I had $10. For those of you who know me, $10 in my single life would be gone in two days if I was trying to hold back, now I have $10 that needs to last a whole month. So I feel very bound today. I believe that I am trying to be humbled. Knowing that my life is now different, that I have to think about my future, that I need to know that one day I want to have kids and give them nice things to play with, knowing that I need to think about how we have a ton of debt that needs to get paid off. With all of this said, my heart desires a Iced Carmel Machiato from Starbucks, but if I do that then I will only have $5.88 to last me till November 1. AHH, huge breath. Thanks for listening to my rant. Ok, if you were really wondering, I love being married. This financial thing has once again showed me how Anne is making me a better man.

Check out Financial Peace University

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