Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marriage Expiration Date: 7 years

I ran across this article today and was flabbergasted! Gabriele Pauli, a German politician, is stating that she believes marriage should have an expiration date of seven years.

"The basic approach is wrong ... many marriages last just because people believe they are safe," she told reporters. "My suggestion is that marriages expire after seven years."

I have read several responses to this article, and many people are agreeing and supporting this concept! One woman said on her blog

I love the idea. It would strengthen the bond between married couples, for sure. You would work harder every day to make things better because you'd know that your "date" was coming, and if you could just make it till then......It would be much less stressful than the current system, where everything is so monotonous because it goes on and on....

As newlyweds, Matt and I have been through a very growing year. We have poured hours upon hours of time and emotions into creating a bond that no one else has with either of us. We have screwed up and learned a lot. We have shared so many hard experiences and wonderful memories. Putting aside that I am not a supporter of divorce, I wouldn't want to repeat this process all over again!

Furthermore, if I knew that the "date" was coming, I would not try at all. What's the point of putting energy into something that is going away anyway?

I just can't believe marriage is approached so nonchalantly!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is just unbelievable! To get married with the foreknowlege and intent of getting divorced, why even do it at all? I think this woman is missing the whole point of marriage.

  2. I read that article as well..just amazing what people come up with.

    BTW...every time I come on your site I think, "What was Matt saying to Anne??" I think of something new each time ;-)


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