Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brewers Game

Matt and I took my brother Evan and my dad to the Brewers/Cardinals game last night. It was an absolute BLAST! My dad was like a little kid...he was having so much fun! I haven't hung out with my dad like that in a long time, he even leaned over and said as much to me. It made me miss being close to my family and being in Bloomington alot.

As we were driving home, Matt got pulled over for speeding in Milwaukee. We were really hoping for a warning. Then, the cop saw his Cardinals hat and asked if Matt knew who Gary Bennett was. (Totally random) Matt said, "Yea, a catcher for the Cardinals" (Who happened to hit a home run at the game last night) The cop said, "Yep, I just gave him a ticket, too." There goes the warning we were hoping for!

It didn't matter that the Cardinals lost or that we got pulled over...it was a great night!

One of the sausages covering up Matt's Cardinal hat

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