Tuesday, August 7, 2007

World's Worst DTRs

DTR or Define the Relationship conversations were a big thing when I was at Taylor University. People would see you walk down the sidewalk to class and immediately think "Are they dating?" so they would ask you and then you would get worried and so you would have to have a DTR. I had 3 when I was at Taylor and they are not very fun! All 3 were good guy friends and the DTR never ended very well. One of them ended a friendship forever.

But DTRs can also be very comical and it was fun to talk about them. Actually, my roommate once listened in on one of my DTRs by sitting right outside the room and it was hilarious to talk about afterwards (I know...that's horrible of me).

I honestly can't remember when Matt and I "defined the relationship". I remember having a serious conversation about how we felt about each other on one of our many late night walks on the quad. But I don't remember details. I'll have to ask him if he remembers.

Anyway, my friend Heather, author of the book and blog "Emotional Purity" wrote a great blog about DTRs. Check it out!

She had this video on her blog and it is hilarious!


  1. oh man! you gotta love that DTR talk! i can't watch the video yet because Maisie is sleeping next to me, but I will get to it! I serioulsy LOVE your new blog header. SO cute!!!!! Miss you!

  2. Oh thanks Jen! I like it too! :) I was showing pics of Maisie to my mom last night and she thought she was so cute! Miss you!


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