Friday, August 3, 2007

Little Bits and Pieces

Its our 11 month anniversary today! Its hard to believe we have been married almost a year!

Tonight I am heading to Bloomington for the weekend! Its been a while since I am going home just to visit with family and other agenda but that! Every other time we are in Bloomington its for a wedding or some other event or we are just passing through. I've always had a heart for overseas missions but I don't know that I could really handle being that far away from my family. Especially since I have difficulties being 3 hours away!

Matt is preaching at Fuel on Sunday. Its a college service in Bloomington and we are really excited about that as well. Its been a long time since he's been there.

Last night was Girls Small group and we read through James 1:19-27. That passage has been on my heart all week, so I felt like it would be something good to talk about with the girls. Especially since we just came back from BigStuf and it is very easy to go back to the ways we were living our lives before. As we were talking through this, several girls voiced their struggles with parents at home who don't believe in God or have chosen not to follow. Their hearts and lives are so burdened by the desire to live a life for Christ themselves but also for their families. Its hard for them to see a parent who professes to be a Christian, but lives two different lives. And, some parents are very discouraging and critical of their faith. I am so proud of our girls! They continue to come to small group and youth group even though they have grief at home about it. They are continuing to seek for themselves. Its refreshing!

We have told them time and time again that the Bible is relevant and can speak into their own lives. Several girls have said that they have no idea where to look when they are feeling down or hurt. Last night, I handed out a sheet that says, "Where do I go when I am feeling...?" Then it lists different emotions and lists a few bible verses to look to. One of the girls said, "This is gold!" I wanted to make it available to you out there as well because it is a valuable tool for me! You can find it here!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey Anne! I love your new header and all your pictures!!! I have been so bad at checking out my friends blogs! I am trying to catch up! It looks like you guys are doing great. Still missing you here in Paris!!! Did you know we are moving?!? New European city...but where?!? I don't know! xoxo

  2. Happy 11 mo. anniversary! I hope you had a great time in Bloomington, I can totally relate with the difficulties of being away from family and friends. It sounds like you had a great girl's devo. It is inspiring when kids truely make thier walk with God personal and perservere even when thier parents aren't leading them on that path.


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