Monday, July 2, 2007

Last Wedding of the Summer!

We attended the last wedding of the summer this weekend! We were invited to 8 weddings and attended 6 of those! Its only July! This was a fun wedding because it reunited us with some of Matt's old friends. I've only known them for a short time but they are all wonderful people and so fun! There were four couples at our table and we have all been married for a year or less and it was fun to reminisce and tell stories about being newlyweds. All of us were in the same boat and had similar life experiences going on and it was nice to have that for a little while!

Matt is so funny on the dance floor! When he and our friend Doug get going there is no stopping them! Dancing the lawnmower, shopping cart, and making up a bunch of others...I wish I had video to show you! The guys start dancing and forget they even have wives to dance with! Its nice to let loose for a little while!

Weddings are wonderful and beautiful...but its nice to be done for the summer!

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  1. I remember from age 22 to 25 I attended so many weddings! Now I attend tons of baby showers ;-)



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