Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This World Has Nothing For Me...

Do you ever have a moment where you think you've heard something and you double back and listen incredulously? That has happened twice this morning already, while listening to the radio.

The first radio commercial was for a divorce lawyer. It was a couple telling you how this specific lawyer can help you get divorced more quickly. As you continue to listen to them, they begin to argue and yell at each other, while promoting this speedy divorce lawyer. Basically, by the end of the spot, they are ready for this lawyer to end their marriage right then and there. My heart hurt just listening to it. I could not believe what I was hearing!

The second time was about five minutes later and it was a promotion for Father's Day. Fathers, ages 18 and above, would get half price off an event on Sunday. Did you catch that? Fathers had to be 18 and above!!! How sad is it that we have to specify how old a father can be in order to participate in something...or how "normal" that seemed to sound.

It saddens me the world we live in. As my mom says, "There's a God-shaped void in all of us and we all struggle with the temptation to fill that void with other things.

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