Monday, June 11, 2007

Mathis Wedding

Matt and I went to a wedding this weekend for a childhood friend of mine, Kara. It took a little convincing to get Matt to go, since it was my friend and he didn't know her. As we are pulling up to the wedding and walking in, he asks me, "So are you going to know anyone at this wedding?" I had no idea! If anything, it would probably be people I went to Jr. High with. It was a beautiful wedding, and as we are walking out we hear someone say, "Matt McClane!" Turns out, Matt knows half of the people there!!! I end up going to the wedding with him! It was so funny. People kept stopping Matt and I kept getting introduced to people. It is so fun to be married to him!


  1. Anne, get used to it! I was always known as "Matt McClane's mom". Everywhere we went, he knew someone. He has such a great personality! By the way, can't wait to see you this weekend.


  2. Elaine, He is such a people person...which is great because I'm not so much. We would never leave the house if it was up to me! :) He balances me out! We can't wait to come down to Mt. Carmel this weekend! Its going to be a great weekend!


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