Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lone Sock in a Dryer

To some of my favorite girls in the world:

Being single is challenging. Single women often feel like the lone sock lying in the dryer – left there until its mate is found. They're in a holding pattern, left lying somewhere until they get a mate. They feel there must be something wrong with them – that God has abandoned them or forgotten them.

Being single is just a state of being, not a life-sentence. Singles are not one sock waiting for another sock before they become useful. Rather than waiting to become the spouse they would like to be, they need to find their fulfillment in becoming the individual God intended them to be.


  1. That is so true and the amazing thing is, pretty much the very day I embrased that truth decided to be content in my life and just trust God's plan, I met Chris!

    So, you're going to be in B/N this weekend? Me too! I don't know what you're doing; I'm going to a mother/ daughter high tea at the Three Sisters' Tea Room early Sat. but it would be cool to see you again! Call me if you have time. (317) 225-8158

  2. The same thing happened to me too Delci! As soon as I decided I was ok with whatever God wanted me to do and I decided to move to Paris, I met Matt!

    I wish I could see you this weekend! Have fun though!

  3. Oh, that's so great your parents came to see you! I had a great time in B/N with the fam. Shari Poirier is the friend who got engaged, you might know her. I think she was in E-group when you were and she was with me at that women's seminar at ISU so I think you met her then. They have been dating for almost four years so it's really exciting! Oh, and I got to try on some bride's maid dresses this weekend( she's really on the ball) so that was fun!

  4. What a good thought! I know too many "Lone Socks" who were tired of being the lone socks so just found any sock to marry! I always said I'd never want to marry the wrong guy and be misrable the rest of my life.

    When I gave up on getting married I had to wait four years before I met John! God works in His time for sure!

    But in those four years I wrote my book...and the rest his history!

    Hope all went well this weekend!


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