Monday, February 26, 2007

Zeb and Erica's Wedding

This weekend was crazy! Brandon (a friend), Matt and I drove 34 hours to a friend's wedding in Louisiana! Thursday we drove the three hours to Bloomington, Friday we drove 7 hours to Memphis, Saturday we drove 7 hours to the wedding, 4 hours at the wedding, then drove back to Memphis! We got into Memphis at 3:30 am. Then, Sunday morning we got up to drive the rest of the way home! Exhausting! It was worth it though. We had fun and really enjoyed the small ceremony with our friends. Some highlights of the trip:
  • Going to dinner at Big Foot Lodge in Memphis, then walking down a street celebrating Mardi Gras (a week late)
  • Blood smeared in my McDonalds bag. When Matt took it back, the woman thought she could just put the old food in the new bag!!!! After they gave us new food, we got in the car to find out it was not our order!
  • Brandon and Matt really wanted cajun food (gross!). After going to "the best cajun food" restaurant and finding out it was a meat store, they told us to go to Cash's--the best eatin' around! Cash's was a truck stop---but they told us there was good cajun food so we went in. Hamburgers and steak made up the menu. I waited for Taco Bell!
  • Rain and Tornado Warnings in Louisiana
I no longer want to ride in a car, but the wedding was fun. Someone asked why we didn't fly. Besides driving being cheaper, we probably had more experiences this way! *sigh* I'm ready for my own bed!


  1. you are soooooooooo pretty!!! you little hottie you.

  2. Hi Anne I'm so happy your back

  3. i got a new blogspot. the other one wouldn't let me log in =[

    i missed you supertasticly this sunday. so much stuff happened i gotta talk to you.

    love always,
    miss b.jade.

    ^^^a little girl i teach calls me that now. haha.

  4. I'm glad you guys had a safe trip! Wish I could have seen Zeb get married. You are all growing up.


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