Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! I am now 22 and for some reason I feel very old. The day started off with Matt brining me the "Its your special day" plate with my birthday granola bar on it. :) He's so creative!

This weekend, my mom and sister were up in the area so we celebrated my birthday by going to a show on Saturday night. It was awesome to hang out with my mom and sister! Probably the best time we've spent with eachother in a long time.

I told someone last night that I always thought that I would have kids by now, just because thats the way my mom did it. Boy am I glad that hasn't happened yet! We can wait a few more birthdays for that one!


  1. Cute picture! Your hair is sooooooooo long!! Happy late birthday! That is so hilarious about the granola bar! Miss you guys!! xoxo

  2. happy birthday! your husband is not a pedophile!

  3. You never heard? People are calling Matt a "pedophile" because when he was 17, you were 12.


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