Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Optometrists, Dentists and Gynos...oh my!

We have entered into the new phase of our new life in Northern Il/Southern WI. We have to find doctors...its not exactly an enjoyable fact I'm dreading it! I had wonderful doctors in Central IL so my expectations are extremely high. I took for granted the fact that I knew who they were...and they knew who I was...I wasn't just a folder on a wall with a number on it. 2 weeks after I got here, I needed an appointment with a female doctor...I called around and the earliest appointment for a new patient was 3 months away!! What would have happened if I had an actual emergency? At least we are only waiting two weeks for our eye and teeth appointments.

If our cafeteria plan wasn't expiring and we'd lose all that money, I'd probably avoid this whole ordeal entirely. I would just live with cavities and old contacts, although the alternative is appealing.


  1. Hey Anne,

    Very cute and creative. How's Matt taking the whole gyno search? Love ya! Dad :)

  2. There is a good gyno in "Lake Forest" It's right off of hunt club i think in gurnee.


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