Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I haven't posted since before I got married and boy do I feel like I've been through a whirwind ever since. Matt and I were married in an incredible ceremony with over 500 of our friends and family there. We moved to Northern, IL and got a job for a mortgage training consultant. I really enjoy my job and everyone I work with! Matt and I are doing great and are loving marriage!

This morning I was driving to work and I realized that I'm never going "home" again to stay. I've known this the whole time but for some reason it really hit me today. No one else is going to do the laundry that is piling all over our room. No one else is going to put away the suitcase from a month ago that Matt and I keep tripping over. No one else is going to dust. No one else is going to write my wedding thank yous that are already late (sorry to everyone who hasn't gotten their's yet). All of this really overwhelmed me and I really got homesick. I kept thinking, Okay, I'm done playing house now...I'm ready to go home.

Then I remembered this morning I woke up to Matt's arm wrapped around me and him snoring loudly in my ear...there's nothing in the world I would trade for that. So for right now...I'm content with my new home as long as my husband is there.

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  1. Cute Anne! I remember feeling the same way. I actually still feel that way sometimes when all I want to do is crawl on the end of my mom's bed and cry like I used to. It is definitely weird becoming an adult! It was good to talk to you today!


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